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Our Mission

To transform and improve the operational effectiveness of government agencies so they are more accountable to taxpayers, produce a greater return on public funds, and fulfill their brand promise of promoting the general welfare of all Americans.

Our Vision

To humanize the government experience and create lasting, meaningful, and positive change for all Americans.

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Our Values

Our core values bind our employees together and keep us focused on behaviors that produce value for our customers and the citizens we all serve.  More than just words, these values form the operational foundation for every decision we make and every action we take.

We pull our own weight, teach others how to pull theirs, and show up whenever a member of our tribe needs support.  Responsibility is about maintaining a sense of ownership, delivering on our commitments, and being mindful of our wake.

We create balanced outcomes, communicate our intentions with honesty and clarity, and honor our commitments. Reputation is about building and maintaining trust.

We lean in to the hard work of empowering a vibrant and sustainable culture, creating jobs, developing leaders, communicating clearly, making a difference, and contributing to a greater outcome. Drive is about courage, faith, and tenacity to deliver on commitments.

We focus on quality over quantity and value the journey of continuous process improvement and organizational maturity. Delivery Excellence is about pride in our work and fulfillment as a result.

A Better Future is the reward given and received for living an authentic life of service – to each other, our customers, our loved ones, and our communities.  Better Future is about giving more than we take.