Leadership Team

From top management to our newest employee, the team at Citizant shares a number of important attributes

Kate Schadler Client

We have a passion to perform at the highest level at all times. Our workday doesn’t end when we leave the office. We’re always thinking of new ways to solve difficult challenges and improve performance to benefit the citizen.

We care immensely about our customers and the citizens they serve. As citizens ourselves, we are personally invested in the outcome.

We share an entrepreneurial spirit that leads us to continuously look for smarter, leaner, and more effective ways to help customers achieve their goals.

We look at your world with an enterprise view, always striving to recommend solutions that not only meet immediate requirements, but that contribute to a more integrated, secure, and effective future as you pursue your mission.

Leading our employees and setting the company’s vision is a leadership team with a history of building successful companies.  Citizant also leverages the expertise of a stellar group of government contracting and technology industry veterans on the company’s Board of Directors.

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